At Power Safety Solutions Ltd we believe a strong safety strategy never hurts anyone, but avoidance has. Our mission is to provide reliable, and relevant safety evaluation and education to ensure Health and Safety legislation requirements are complied with. We believe there are three components to a powerful workplace safety strategy:


Educating managers, supervisors, and employees on work safe procedures, practices, and safety standards and regulations will provide a concrete foundation, no matter what the industry. Abiding by Health and Safety legislation for public and private firms, Power Solutions provides comprehensive education with reliable and relevant resource materials that pertain to your specific industry requirements. Beyond recommendations, we provide customized work safety manual creation and implementation through worksite safety courses. These courses are not only tailored to your industry requirements, but your specific firms’ needs to adhere to Work Safe BC legislation. To continue our efforts, we also assist firms in facilitating employee safety committees and programs for successful, continued participation.


We recognize that each industry demands a unique set of legislative requirements for Work Safe BC. Some of the responsibilities that may be required of you are offered within our repertoire, including worksite testing in qualitative and quantitative fit tests. Qualitative fit testing objectives provide working knowledge of respiratory protection, selection, and use of respirators on the work site. Qualitative fit testing objectives cover the deliverables of qualitative fit testing with the addition of the guiding legislation enforced by Work Safe BC.


Risk assessment begins with your first phone call to Power Safety Solutions for a free consultation to evaluate your specific industry requirements. As the product of diverse experience ranging from oil and gas, paper and pulp, to civil engineering, we harness our professional experience to provide a proven methodology. Risk assessments expose negative potentials prior to their occurrence. We us a statistical approach in evaluating probability, severity and consequence to determine the level of risk associated with your firm for both private and public environments. Evaluation of work place procedures and environments are analyzed to identify potential hazards, methods to actively eliminate risk, and provide adequate controls.

“Preventing work-related illness and injury is the most important job at any workplace. Aside from the obvious benefits to the work force, prevention saves millions in claims costs each year for damaged equipment and resources to your company. Work Safe BC statistics show an estimated 2.6 million days of work are lost due to preventable injuries and illness. The Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Work and Safety Regulation provide legally enforceable obligations to be abided by when operating in the province of British Columbia. At Power Safety Solutions we are expertly versed with the requirements to be met for your industry.”


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